What What Would You Do If A Duplicate Stole Your Life?
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Sorry if this Offends You. Download the Spoken Word Free Here princeea.bandcamp.com/track/prince-ea-the-world-is-coming-to-an-end Download the Instru...

3 weeks ago

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

- Frederick Douglass
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1 month ago

There was no harm in taking aim, even if the target was a dream.

- John Knowles
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1 month ago

Good books tell the truth, even when they're about things that never have been and never will be. They're truthful in a different way

- Stanisław Lem
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1 month ago

I freakin love this writer Etgar Keret (Official). He is probably the most creative cat currently writing right now. (Neil Gaiman is the exception of course) ;) ... See MoreSee Less

Etgar Keret Takes the Boiling tea cup challenge to spread awareness to people who had taken the ice bucket challenge and ended up with pneumonia.

2 months ago